Tyrese speaks of new album… Open Invitation

Singer, Actor, Author Tyrese is set to drop his highly anticipated album this November.
Speaking about the new album, this is what he had to say:
I got some other great news to share.. I have a long awaited album called “OPEN INVITATION”  coming to you coming November 1st!!  My everything was put into this album. It was YOU who inspired me to get back in the studio and do it again.As you’ve seen, my movies, Transformers DOTM and Fast Five, have both now grossed over $1.7 Billion worldwide.  Also, I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you all went out to support my now NY Times Best Selling Book, “How to Get Out of Your Own Way,” to many other great things over the last few years. The man above has been expanding my territories into many different amazing things. But rest assured that my FIRST and ONLY LOVE is still MUSIC.

I’ve read your letters,tweets, Facebook, MySpace and emails. I’ve listened to your voice mails and more importantly, I’ve run into you in person, and you’ve all wanted me to do it again.  So come 11.1.11, my new album, “OPEN INVITATION,” will be launched globally for you to listen and feel my heart and soul that I put intothe album.  On this album, I wanted to give you an “Open Invitation” to the clubs and the bedroom.

I don’t take anything for granted so in whatever capacity you can help create some energy and anticipation around the release of this album it will be beyond greatly appreciated. In the near future, outsideof updates on me and Rev Run’s new book, “Manology,” I will be personally sending you exclusive content and updates on the many different great things going on with my album.  I want you to feel a part of the success.

Here’s the world premiere of my video, “Stay,” featuring one of my best friends, 2-time academy award nominee, Taraji P Henson.  We had so much fun working on this.  It’s been 10 years since we both made our debut on the big screen in the now cult classic, “Baby Boy,” and now we’re getting our grown and sexy on in this “Stay” video.

Please feel free to post this video on your Facebook, Myspace, Tweet it, text it, e-blast…it’s all good!!  I did this album independent so everything counts.


President and CEO of Voltron Recordz
Tyrese Gibson

Need I SAY More??? Let’s make this album double platinum on the day of release everyone.

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