NFVF Workshops at MACUFE

Arriving at a workshop late is always an un-cool thing cause you miss out on the opportunity to meet and greet everyone, get yourself comfortable and set-up especially when you’re supposed to be reporting on it later. But once you get around that dot dot dot FULLSTOP (lol)
So, Rapulana had already introduced himself, I got in on time for Moshidi’s  introduction, giving her background, talking about some of her work and I realised RIGHT THEN listening to her speak (with ALL that respect and humility) that I’ve just walked into a meeting that could potentially change my view on television and film in South Africa.

Okay, let me begin at the beginning…
On the 29th of September The NFVF announced that in its mandate of promoting and developing the South African Film Industry and after the successful participation at the National Arts Festival in July, it will take part at the Mangaung African Cultural Festival (Macufe) from the 4th until the 8th of October in Bloemfontein.
In a media release sent, the NFVF mentioned that Macufe has been identified as a strategic festival partner for them to reach out to the areas that were underserviced and had minimal film activity. “As part of our drive to develop audiences for cinema participation at the Macufe through the screening of South African Films and basic training to delegates, will help the institution and the industry re-ignite the interest and local appreciation of film in citizens of the Free state province,” says Azania Muendane Head of Marketing & Public Affairs at the NFVF.

At today’s workshop the panel consisted of Director Vincent Moloi, Actress Moshidi Motshegwa, and producer/actor Rapulana Seiphemo. The crowd was a good mix from film enthusiasts, students, aspiring actors, and media. I was only expecting the youth to be in attendance like we usually see at these kind of sessions but clearly NFVF managed to attract all age groups to this program.
Speaking on issues like transition from TV/Theatre into film Moshidi Motshegwa said  that it is very important for aspiring actors to begin focusing on local productions. And when they do they should not just look at the script from one angle or just the eye of the writer but to also look at where one is from and try to relate the character one is playing with similar characters from where we grew up.
She also spoke about the importance of having a clear business plan when you get into this industry. How you’re only as good as your last job. She continued to say, “When I come to a project I always ask – what does the story expect of me? I’m only as good as my last job. In the end, know your story. Be prepared, and work hard
Other notable points arising from the same session were from Vincent Moloi who pointed out to attendees, especially those who think you can only make your mark in film by acting that you can also translate your opinion even if you’re behind the scenes.

“We are very proud to partner with Macufe in their efforts to promote and create maximum awareness of the Creative Industries. Our focus is to also attract young female filmmakers as recommended in the Women Film Indaba recently held in Johannesburg,” says Muendane.

The NFVF has planned a well structured, informative and entertaining schedule which will benefit the audiences in areas such as training, skills development and understanding filmmaking. Interactive sessions on “How to enter the film industry”, a Director’s Master class, “Movie Making 101”and a Screenwriting workshop, are some of the programmes the audience got treated to.


Catch my conversations with Rapulana, Moshidi and Vincent soon….until then… The celebration continues. MACUFE 2011 Rocks!



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