NFVF presents Tony Kgoroge, Presley Chweneyagae and Rapulana Seiphemo at Bojanala Film Week

In a quest to bring film to communities who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the film industry, Bojanala Film Week and the NFVF hosted workshops aimed at equipping aspiring film makers and boost film activity in the Bojanala Platinum District.

Covering marketing and promotions, Azania Muendane from the NFVF spoke about various platforms a film maker can promote and get publicity for their production, marketing schedules and even EPK’s (something most people are ignoring point blank). She spoke about avenues one could exploit to make money from the project and howelse can the NFVF assist with getting good productions to the world.

Neiloe Khunyeli from the development department at the NFVF tackled Screen Writing : The Elements That Make Movie Making Magic. (See Pdf attached).

The day ended with screenings and a Q&A session facilitated by renowned actor, screen writer, director, producer Tony Kgoroge.

Now, USUALLY you’d walk into this sessions expecting to see Tony get asked questions, and he responds, usually caught between a rock and a hard place, right? WRONG, Tony (like Chuck) asks questions, and you answer, get passionate about that discussion even 5 hours after the session… Interesting character this man.

So the following day I attended the Directors’ Workshop : Making Movie 101 just to see how that would go…

It was interesting to see how he not only taught about directing and film, but how he’s managed to work who he is into what he does… His approach to filming, how he interacts with people shows how he got this far in this industry.

He covered the filming process from scripts, auditions, legal implications of one’s actions – release forms and responsibility to people you work with, the responsibilities of the director in terms of budgets, and understanding the medium in relation to the story you’re trying to portray.

On the last day of the workshops, actors/ producers Presley Chweneyagae and Rapulana Seiphemo attended the screenings for Q&A sessions, answering questions and partaking in discussions regarding the industry in general, topics ranging from acting, directing, and piracy.

Out of 10, I’d give this film week a 9 and half… Not bad for a first event. Well Done to partners – Bojanala Platinum District, NFVF, Ster-Kinekor, Spectrum, and the Northwest Department of arts and culture, for this amazing opportunity for aspirant film makers.

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