Dachis Group Launches Social Performance Monitor

Powerful web application combines big data and social analytics to meaningfully measure performance of social marketing.

Dachis Group, the world’s leader in Social Business, today announced the launch of

Social Performance Monitor (SPM), an online service powered by the company’s big data analytics platform that helps global companies measure social media’s impact on brand performance.

Social Performance Monitor (SPM) is the first subscription service and third social measurement application offered by Dachis Group. In addition to Social Performance Monitor, Dachis Group offers the

Social Business Index, a free site that ranks the performance of the world’s most social brands, and

Social Portfolio Insights, an application that enables brands to assemble and track their global portfolio of social accounts and coordinate with the individuals that manage them. Dachis Group’s suite of social measurement applications is available today by visiting


“The world’s largest companies and top brands are realizing the unique brand engagement potential, along with the powerful measurability and traceability inherent in social media,” said Jeff Dachis, CEO, Chairman and Founder, Dachis Group. “With the launch of Social Performance Monitor, Dachis Group continues its mission to provide brand marketers with performance tools to measure the true value of their investments and efforts in social marketing. Uniquely, Social Performance Monitor can bring clarity and definition to the once amorphous concept of social media measurement for brand marketers.”

Social Performance Monitor is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that enables organizations to gain insight into the business benefits delivered by social across brand marketing business outcomes including Brand Awareness, Brand Love, Brand Mindshare, and Brand Advocacy. It leverages a unique set of insights to isolate the specific impact of brand marketing initiatives:

-Performance Insights: Metrics and underlying measures correlated to brand marketing business outcomes (starting with Brand Awareness, Brand Love, Mindshare, and Advocacy) for the specific geographic region, brand, and organization where the marketing initiatives occurred.

-Event Correlation Insights: Correlation between performance and external events (product launches, mergers, acquisitions, marketing campaigns, etc.) that may account for performance fluctuations to help isolate the contribution from social marketing efforts (vs. external forces).

-Content Insights: Correlation of performance to social marketing activities and behaviors to assist with attribution of specific actions to business benefits received.

-Conversation Insights: Analysis and evolution of long running conversation topics that result from behaviors and marketing activities to understand the attributes of the content or strategy that resonate with the engaged market and insight into how that content shapes the psychographics and opinions of the audience.

-Trend Insights: Trending insights to help understand relative performance over time vs. industry, competitive, and best in class performance.

-Benchmarking Insights: Provide region, subsidiary, department, and competitive benchmarking to help organizations zero in on where outsized increases and decreases in specific metrics and measures are originating.

-Insight Engine: An analytics engine that monitors all of the above for your brands, regions, departments, and subsidiaries to highlight the specific insights that need attention or action.

“As social has matured into a mission critical component of a brand’s marketing mix, simply measuring ‘Likes and Followers’ is no longer adequate for marketers to measure the impact and return of their significant investments in social marketing initiatives,” said Erik Huddleston, CTO and EVP Product, Dachis Group.

Social Performance Monitor is being used by major brand marketers from a variety of industries to provide insights and intelligence used to drive Social Performance investments.

The Dachis Group’s family of Social Business Intelligence applications is powered by the company’s big data analytics platform which analyzes the Social Business Graph of more than 25,000 companies and 30,000 brands, including over one hundred million social accounts, processing several hundred million social signals through the use of natural language processing, semantic analysis, machine learning, and clustering algorithms with updates in near real time.

To learn more:Register at the Social Business Index:

http://www.socialbusinessindex.comSocial Performance Monitor:

http://www.dachisgroup.com/measure-your-social-performance/Sign up for an upcoming webinar:

http://www.dachisgroup.com/eventsAbout Dachis GroupDachis Group powers the design, development, management, and measurement of Social Business performance for the world’s leading companies.

Dachis Group:Measures social performance with Dachis Group Social Business Intelligence

Manages social brands with Dachis Group Performance Brand Marketing

Connects the social enterprise with Dachis Group Connected Company

Through the combination of Dachis Group’s proprietary big data analytics platform, SaaS social intelligence data services applications, a comprehensive set of SaaS social engagement technology platforms, and world leading Social Business professional services group, large companies have one source to turn to for establishing powerful, effective, meaningful, and measurable engagement initiatives throughout their organizations.

The company serves global customers worldwide including clients AT&T, Citibank, Disney, Estée Lauder, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Nestlé, Nokia, and Target with a network of offices in 13 cities in seven countries, employing over 250 professionals.

Dachis Group develops and maintains the Social Business Index, providing ongoing real-time ranking, analysis, and benchmarking of Social Business adoption and performance of the most connected and engaged companies based on Dachis Group’s Social Business Intelligence as a Service (SBIaaS) data services platform.

Dachis Group operates and manages the Social Business Council, the largest peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing community for active Social Business practitioners.

Dachis Group hosts an ongoing series of annual Social Business Summits, exploring the most current ideas in Social Business thought leadership, fostering ongoing dialog among participants, and engaging other Social Business practitioners in real-time, in-person, day-long events around the globe.

Dachis Group operates as one of the world’s largest Facebook® Preferred Developer Consultants through Dachis Group and subsidiaries. The company has recently launched over 500 custom Facebook® applications, tabs, and Facebook® connect integrations for the world’s leading brands.

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