Jill Scott Unable To Make Cape Town Jazz Festival

Jill Scott has announced that she will not be able to perform at this year’s Cape Town International Jazz Festival due to a role offer for a movie that begins filming at the end of March.

In a letter dated 7 March 2012, Jill Scott’s management stated: “It was with great regret that we must cancel Jill Scott’s performance on 31 March 2012 at the 13th Annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Ms. Scott has been offered and accepted a movie role which begins filming at the end of this month. The rigorous taping will preclude her from travelling during this time and through the end of April.”

Since receiving notice, espAfrika has been in discussion with Ms. Scott’s management team about the possibility of working around her shooting schedule. espAfrika was informed last night that this would not be possible.

“We are extremely disappointed that Jill Scott has cancelled her performance and apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are in the process of trying to secure another artist, however it is important to note the Cape Town International Jazz Festival features more than 40 world-class acts and is a festival, not a one person performance. The success thereof will not be affected by Ms. Scott’s cancellation,” says Rashid Lombard, CEO of espAfrika.

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One Response to Jill Scott Unable To Make Cape Town Jazz Festival

  1. Gouwa says:

    dissappointment may reign however ms scott was not the only artist performing at the festival. the fact that she agreed knowing what was happening in her life is just in poor taste…The Show Must go on and indeed it shall..to all attending festival….you are going to have a blast! and won’t even miss her… i promise… all the best with her movie and i hope it was worth disappointing all her fans in South Africa . to the individuals and you know who you are who has worked so hard on this…no worries it certainly was not in vain! We are going to make this the BEST EVER CAPE TOWN INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL!!!

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