Fashion According to Jazz with Fashionista Linda Makhanya

YML speaks to Linda Makhanya about what to wear to the Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2012.

For the Men:

With the Jazz being in 2 days, you will need to be a smart packer. Try to travel light by packing essentials that work together, key essentials which will take you from breakfast to lunch and to the event. Every man should have a classic blazer in Navy or in Black with gold buttons. You will find them mostly in double-breasted which is one of the key items to have this autumn in your wardrobe. Pack 2x pairs of denim / chinos with a pair of loafers / sophisticated sneakers in your suitcase. Pack a pair of 2x white / blue shirts, 1xTshirt and the blazer. A pair of sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and cologne. That’s all you need for that weekend.

For the Ladies:

Pack 2 pair of nice fitted denim jeans, 3xTshirts, a blazer, a perfect little black dress and stunning comfortable stilettos’. Also include knitwear just in case the weather changes, a hat and some nice shades. This look will take you from the event to the night or dinner if you decide to afterwards. Be comfortable, classy and sophisticated. Pack the essentials, carry a light luggage and have a great time!

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