LG partners with @iamDJSbu to introduce ARX 8500 Ziyawa sound system…Blasting new ground with a radical explosion of sound.

LG Electronics today announced a partnership with DJ Sbu for the introduction of Ziyawa sound system, the LG ARX 8500.

As part of the partnership, LG will launch an online campaign that aims to demonstrate the power of the ARX8500 system designed specifically for the South African market.

During the eight week campaign, DJ


Sbu will host the “Ziyawa experiments” where he will demonstrate the power of the sound system in a lab on a weekly basis – he will use his unreleased music material for these experiments. The footage from these experiments will be loaded onto the LG Electronics SA Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/LGSouthAfrica.

“Through continuous innovation of our products, we are raising the user experience to a whole new level for home entertainment,” says Michael Bruchhausen, Senior Sales Director of LG Electronics South Africa. “The Ziyawa sound system is our latest example, incorporating new functions that will make users hear and feel the music. It features a broader and taller front boasting innovative technology that provides for robust, powerful sound,” he says.   

Ziyawa is a Zulu word which translate to “it is happening”. In street lingo the word means the “party is happening” or “where the party is at”. The word is also associated with a powerful party sound and relates very well with the target maket for this particular product, the LG ARX 8500.

The LG Ziyawa ARX8500 has a powerful output of 1250 Watts from its 5.2 channel multi-directional sound set up.

The specialised horn compression tweeter of the LG Ziyawa ARX8500 delivers direct high frequencies. The dual duct system helps to expel the inside of the speakers more efficiently triggering powerful bass output that can be enhanced with LG’s proprietary Bass Blast Technology.

The 3D Surround Processor Technology provides for an immersive sound experience that complements the standard 3D entertainment function. This allows consumers to enjoy 3D content delivered via a 3D PC, gaming console or Blu-ray player.

This exceptional piece of technology will be available at selected independent retailers from October 2012.

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One Response to LG partners with @iamDJSbu to introduce ARX 8500 Ziyawa sound system…Blasting new ground with a radical explosion of sound.

  1. nombulelo says:

    Lg is the best from way back just love the srround system

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